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Who We Are

The Information Security and Assurance Club (ISAC) is dedicated to the research of information security, exploitation, and defense. We are students from all disciplines including MIS, CS, and EN and are always looking for new members. ISAC is open to all OSU students.

Our Mission

Our goal is to educate ourselves and our peers of evolving information security threats and mitigation techniques, as well as advance our marketability for employment beyond academia. The field of Information Assurance is in high demand and is shaping the landscape of IT. As a Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance, OSU is on the ground-floor of this growing industry.

OSU is a nationally-acclaimed university in Information Assurance and is uniquely positioned to supply graduates to high-profile employers seeking specific qualifications in the Information Assurance field.

What We Do

The club has funding and resources available to facilitate real-world hacking and exploit without compromising the public trust. In other words, ISAC maintains a strict code of ethics to ensure that our activities are constrained within legal and moral limits, but still allow for complete and all-out virtual assault on our lab computers.

If you are interested in learning more about exploitation AND researching how to eliminate or reduce risks to such exploits, then consider becoming an ISAC member and get in on our research projects!

How to get involved

The club has bi-weekly meetings throughout the school year. This semester the club meetings are on Thursdays at 6:30 in JB 101.

Our club also participates in the Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition. Each year several of the club members meet outside of the meetings at the lab to practice and get caught up on different methods to protect a computer from internet threats. After practicing for a majority of the year the team competes in the regional (and then hopefully the national) competition to protect a mock business from outside threats, simulated by professional pen-testers and hackers such as the Navy Cyber-Brigade, Spawar and private contractors.

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